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Service Offerings on Spectrum Switch

Take a moment to learn about the various feature rich functionalities that are available on the South African edition of the CSIR Secondary Geo-location Spectrum Database (S-GLSD) system, a.k. the “Spectrum Switch”. The system facilitates the spectrum sharing of the interleaved or contiguous unused portions of spectrum found between the frequency bands allocated for broadcast Television - the so called Television White Spaces (TVWS).

This system is available for use by potential TVWS network providers, TVWS original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and the general public. For additional information, please don’t hesitate to get in-touch with us using the provided details on the Contact Us Page.

Calculation Engine Service

The CSIR offers Calculation Engine for the availability of TVWS as a service to third parties such as other GLSDs that only serve TV whitespace Devices (WSDs) while not performing computations.

PAWS Service

Provisioning of Operational Parameters (OPs) to WSDs through the use of the Protocol to Access White-space (PAWS) databases IETF RFC 7545; with support for ICASA Ruleset (ICASA-TVWS-2018).

Network Planning Tool

Plan the network coverage and link quality to ensure that the signal strength in the coverage areas meets user requirements, minimize interference, and network bandwidth meets Internet access requirements.

Latest Announcements & News

Find announcements and news related to this system and the TVWS Ecosystem published right here. This section of the page only lists the latest ten (10) articles; to view more, please click the 'See More Newsfeeds' button below.

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We have published a technical note with the aim to clarity how OEMs can apply dynamic time limits after a successful available spectrum query. The f...

ICASA issued Full Type Approval Certification o...

On Friday the 17th July 2020, the independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) has issued Indigo Broadband Pty SA Ltd with a full Type Approval certificate of Carlson W...


Television White Spaces (TVWS) is a term used to describe the interleaved or contiguous unused portions of spectrum found between the frequency bands allocated for broadcast Television. TVWS spectrum has superior propagation characteristics such as the ability to penetrate natural and man-made obstacles and can provide signal coverage over very large geographical area.